Alex TenreiroTheis

Dancer ~ Choreographer ~ Singer

Video Archive

Performance Reel

This reel contains clips of choreography by Gregory Dolbashian, Yoshito Sakuraba, Rohan Bhargava, Michaela Mann, Courtney Escoyne, Fairul Zahid, Alex Abarca, Caitlin Sikora, and Emma Pajewski. All the works included in this video were performed within the last 4 years. Music: Infra 5 by Max Richter


Sammie & Ise

A collaboration with Emma Pajewski. Inspired by our own sisters, this piece investigates the familial bond between two siblings from childhood to adulthood.

Length: 8mins

What S Mío

A personal exploration of heritage. What does it mean have bits and pieces of a culture but little understanding of the culture itself, and can one truly claim to be a member of it.

Length: 10mins

Mmzar Lax Slar

A collaboration with Xenia Mansour and Lukas Dellios, this narrative work follows a group of people as they explore an otherworldly landscape. This work was made possible by the Tisch School of the Arts' Choreographers, Composers and Designers program which fosters inclusive and creative collaboration among  Dancers, Composers and Stage Craftsmen.

Sound Design: Zonia Tsang

Set Design: Simon Schabert

Costume Design: Lily Prentice

Lighting Design: Reza Behjat

Length: 6mins 30secs

Fight like a Girl

Inspired by the women of the 1940's, this piece compares the attitudes of the working war women and those same women as their jobs were reclaimed by returning soldiers.

Length: 8mins 30secs

Genus Differencia

A narrative work about two species and their opposing hierarchies. 

Length: 8mins

Photograph by Ezra Goh